1. I like Supernatural

anyone surprised? no one? … okay moving on then

2. I love Misha Collins

3. My little sister Zilka is my best friend

sometimes we shenanigan at random late night showings of Avengers

4. I have a folder called “ahhh,anarchy” which has a folder called “gifs” in it, and that folder contains nearly 400 gifs to date

5. I have two pet turtles named Bowie and Marowak

they used to be cute and tiny but now they’re fat asses

6. I’m half German and spent a good chunk of my childhood living in Germany

this is my shit, although I want the original kid back. who is this imposter?

7. I’m a joker, smoker, midnight toker

8. I’m in love with Jesse Pinkman

yes you did Jesse, damn you and your stupid show

9. I love soccer, German National Team and Real Madrid all day

guess what those two teams have in common ^

10. System of a Down is my favorite band and I saw them live last summer

still dying over it